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Our Cause

As elephant lovers, we started Help the Elephants because we believe that all businesses can do good in the world and we wanted to use our goodness to help our favourite animal - the beautiful and majestic elephant!

We work hard to find the most unique and beautiful elephant products which our customers love and in turn each order helps to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who dedicate their time to rescuing and rehabilitating elephants. 

Keep watching this space for more information on the individual elephants that we will sponsor. We will also send updates out to all of our customers in our email newsletter so you can see what great work you have supported with your order :)  

Here are the elephants we currently sponsor:

Baby Rapa

Poor Rapa was found stranded down a well with no mama elephant in sight :( The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescued him and have nursed him back to full health. 


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