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Baby Pacifier With Elephant  Toy

Baby Pacifier With Elephant Toy

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The baby pacifier is well sewed and made from durable high-quality materials. It comes complete with a free detachable silicone orthodontic pacifier that is easy to sterilize. This type of pacifier is including a plush toy which can provide the baby with playing. Pacifier can train your baby's suckability.


  • 100% Safe and non-toxic - One-piece construction made of 100% hospital-grade silicone
  • Durable one-piece construction is both functional and stylish. Patented design makes it easy for baby to grasp.
  • The pacifiers are the soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won\'t get lost, but it will also be loved
  • Nipple with smile face can attract baby\'s attention when they are crying.
  • Machine washable

Every order helps to rescue and rehabilitate elephants! To find out more, please click here :)

To find out more, please click here